30 January 2012

checking in.

Yes!  I still exist!  I have just today finally put all the photos from the past 2 months in folders to be posted in like, 8 different blog posts.  It's the end of January.  Biggest newses that I'll just tell now are that Christmas was nice, I spent it with the Vanrykel family and we ate lots of yummies yummies.  I spent new years in Brussels and saw some big big fireworks.  My good friends from the Southern hemisphere have gone home, that includes Santi, my oldie, Rachel and Jarrod, my favorite kiwis, and all the australians.  I've changed host families as well.  I now live with the Pollains.  They are super nice, I like them so much!  I have a host sister at 17 years old, a host sister at 16 and a host brother at 14 or so.  We get on great, and I'm just doing my best to make the most of my exchange.  French is coming along nicely, and I have lots of photos and thoughts to share coming up, but I thought I'd just go ahead and write this paragraph to... well I guess it's to remind myself that this blog exists.