01 November 2012

7/8th April (Easter)- Pompei, Pisa, and Sienna

Pompei was absolutely my favourite visit during the Italy trip, even though it rained, and I forgot my camera.  But I borrowed some other cameras, and made sure I found my favourite pictures offline.

It rained in Pompei while we were there

Pompei had crosswalks that let chariots through, but kept the pedestrians up out of the sewage.

Tour through the ancient brothel.

Mount Vesuvius is erupting!  I'm pointing right at it, but it's too rainy to see at all.
That evening, we drove up past Rome up to the Pisa/Florence area and stayed the night.  The next day in Pisa, it was still raining.

Pisa is a very small gathering of buildings, of which 3 are famous and match the style.  The rest are mostly tourist stands.  Very cool place to see, but not much to do.  Neither did we have time to go out and explore what must have been a really cool town!

With Patricia from Brazil!  I love her.

We wanted to go right up and touch the tower, but there it was roped off and there was a (sand) pit surrounding it.  Caroline and Jillian (Can)

The church on the right and the baptistry on the left.

Good morning Brazil!

Bernardo (RioDJ) on the way out of Pisa.

The battlements outside the tower.

Juan (Arg) and Luly (Mex)

The church and the tower

It was Easter morning, and we were scheduled to go see Florence, with the bridge and il duomo and everything, but they forgot to organise for traffic time it would have taken to get into Florence on Easter day, so we went to Sienna nearby instead, which was less crowded.

Wet Rotary kids use white Rotary umbrellas

The giant pizza

This pizzeria right outside the piazza at Sienna has a website and stuff, and they always take pictures of the tourists that come into their shop with a giant pizza.  The walls are covered with notes from all over the world.
The crew at Sienna

In hommage of the horserace that happens around the piazza here.

On the steps of the great big black and white cathedral in Sienna. The whole Italy tour group

A little tap dance

on the steps.

A double rainbow seen from the bus on the way home!

Hotel near Pisa.  Next to the hotel innocenti.

As seen from the window above us. Taken straight down