28 June 2012

Paris with my high school (30 March)

But day before Italy,  I went to Paris for the day with my French class at Air Pur (to look at the locations in the Latin Quarter where the famous thinkers in France went to think)

Leaving the house at 6 in the morning

To go get on a bus

Stopping in France for a breakfast. Pain au chocolat and croissants

My French class sort of organised the trip, but they invited the Reinforcement French classes as well, which are classes for people who felt like they didn't have enough Lit/Philosophy/Poetry/French essays with just 6 hours a week.

My friend Aurore with whom I sat on the bus

Passing an amusement park!  Parc Asterix

Getting close!!


The big old soccer stadium

SO EXCITED seeing Montmartre.

Palais des sports

l'Arc de Triomphe

l'Arche de la Défense

Champs Elysée

Champs Elysées

A Quick on the Champs Elysées

Place de la concord

The eiffel tower from afar

Place de la Concord.  The obelisk was a gift from Egypt to Napoleon

Le Madeleine  (church to the Magdelen)

A metro stop

The Louvre

Inside Nôtre Dame

The doors of Nôtre Dame

The center of Paris, and France.  The point from which all distances from Paris are measured.  It's right in front  of  Nôtre Dame

Nôtre Dame

The north rose window at Nôtre Dame

Oldest tree in Paris or something

Book stores along the Seine




In front of La Sorbonne

A famous 

A bridge with locks on it in Paris.  one of many.

Drinking orangina on a terrace in Paris.  (It was more expensive than a glass of wine. truth.)

Rachel, Roxanne, and Mégane, the lovely girls with whom I spent the day

Nôtre Dame from the river boat tour

from the river boat

Sunset, back in the bus

Going home after sunset, ended up at home by 12:30.  It's a long drive (especially with traffic out of Paris) normally 2 or 3 hours, but it took us 4.