14 December 2011

Yesterday, in Liège

The odd thing was that on the news, I knew exactly where
everything was happening.  I know that street, and
that sculpture and all that.  It was bizarre.
at midday, a man with a backpack full of weapons threw several grenades into a crowd at a bus stop in Place St Lambert.  I was not in town, but I had friends who were close enough to hear it and run away.  The man died in his attack, suspected suicide, and 3 other people were killed as well.  More than 70 were in the hospital yesterday.  Authorities have confirmed that the man was working alone, and have identified him as someone the police already had a record of.  None of the exchange kids were hurt as far as we know: Rotary sent out an urgent email to take count, and my counsellor called me and everything.  The Marché de Noël is in Place St Lambert, but fortunately there was a wind advisory (up to 100km/h) so the marché was not yet open and there were not MORE people there.  However, this being exam week, a bunch of Liègeois students were just getting out of exams, so there were many kids hurt.  I think there's going to be some sort of memorial gathering in the Place on Friday.  I'm fine, we're all okay, and everyone is just feeling lucky.  Here's to those who died and got hurt, and their families.
lots of love

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