05 December 2011

La Poste.

I have written some letters.  Thank you notes, general info letters.  Not a lot, but still 6 or 7.  Over the course of the past 3 months.  That constitutes a significant investment of time and thoughts.  I couldn't go back in time and replace my random musings about my history class during October, or explain my apprehension for holidays that I didn't understand at all until the day of.  So I finally acquired an envelope and fit all the european sized papers in it.  I went into Liège with my letters to go to the post to buy the international stamp.  I found a nice post office near the Marché de Noël and bought them.
       I reached into my pocket in order to apply the stamp to the clean, white corner of the over-stuffed envelope, there stored until that very moment.  It was gone!  I had lost it somewhere in the city!  I retraced my steps the rest of the afternoon (this was last Wednesday) and never found it.  I was so disappointed.  There were 3 or 4 letters to my Granny that I had really wanted to mail, complete with daily weather reports!  I resigned myself to writing an apologetic blog post about the lost intelligence.
   THEN, today, in the mail, came the envelope, with a note written on "Trouvée par terre dans la rue," (found on the ground in the street) and a message saying there was not enough tarriff to send the letter.  FORTUNATELY I had put my return address on it, so I have it now, and I will be sending it WITH the stamp that I still have from last Wednesday THIS Wednesday.  I'm so pleased!!!

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