24 November 2011

First 3 weeks of November in Pictures!

Good morning Air Pur.  It is 8  o'clock.

Last weekend of the fair

College Students doing silly things all dressed up.  Every weekend.

The pretty factory (likely metal) next to the meuse from the top of a nearby hill

This is Seraing.  If you look to the right of the really tall building, you will see two almost identically rectangular white buildings.  Air Pur is situated between the 2.

Walking Jarrod's host dog

Shoutout, Tricia Bailey.

This is the road up to Jonfosse.

This was the first good frost!  But it hasn't really frosted since.  That was a couple weeks ago. Out the bathroom window

This is the hill from which I took the other pictures of Air Pur.  I THINK.  3rd story, Air Pur.  No, I don't actually have class up there.

This is what getting out of school at 5 o'clock looks like in the middle of November

That's the tall building from the other picture.  It's an apartment building.  I get picked up on the other side of it in fact.

This is called the chapi, for chapiteau.  it's the tent.  and it's where a lot of unif parties happen.  I'm not lying when I say that I only know this because Françoise explained it to me like that.  And besides, Fanny's in unif, too.

There's a vans store coming to Liège!

This is a nice little curvey road next to another pretty church I found!  St Denis.

Just look.

In a department store in Gallerie St. Lambert.  Right before a security guard came and said "NO PHOTOS."
But hey, christmas decorations are starting up!

St. Denis by Day

Happy 1000th freaking birthday, St. Denis.  (that's 3 zeros)

Here's anOTHEr church!  I want to learn all their names.  This one is near Sauvenière.
Eglise St Jean 

St Martin.  On top of the hill.  you can see it in the pictures I have from  pont d'avroy

At this point I was legitimately lost!  I was so excited!  But then I walked 10 more metres, and knew where I was...
imagine my disappointment

Stairs down to boulevard de la sauvenière next to that hotel

A train at Jonfosse with graffiti

Somewhat obsessed with finding that hill

Seraing (sortof)

This sortof looks like a photo for a murder investigation

So night pictures either happened weekends or wednesdays.  School pictures are during the week.  Not terribly exciting things happening, but my french progressed enough to have another day or two of confidence a week or 2 ago!  And then this week has been a really bad week.  As though I've forgotten everything again.  But that means it's working I think.  It's just frustrating for those around me who can no longer understand me because stopped making sense.  There are probably other things to say, but as usual, it's too late at night.  Good sign?  I hope


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