01 November 2011

proud of myself and the amount of walking I've done today

I made a really great map and I want to post it now!
I love walking in Liège!  even more because it's cheaper than the bus!
Today I walked a very very long way, and took all sorts of pictures.

I woke up at point J, at a friend's house on the Montagne Beuren with all the stairs.

I walked to my train stop at Palais, point I.  On the way I passed through Place du Marché and beside Palais des Princes Eveques.  (this was about 11:00 in the morning)

Place du Marché by day.

I took the train from Palais to Guillemins  (that's the green arrow with no line or letter).
This Flemish newspaper was on the train.
  It was abnormal.
I walked from Guillemins to Place Général Lemen at point C.

leaving Guillemins

en route to Place Général Lemen.  The Place itself is
little more than a widened street so more buses can stop.

On the bus, crossing the Meuse, in the daylight
At C we  I met up with Charlotte and we took the bus to approximately A, though we missed our stop and had to backtrack on foot a bit (not shown).  A is a climbing hall called Top Rock!  My host sister goes there often.  She's quite good.  I am not.  But we had a good time anyway!

Pauline showed up too, and we had some good climbing!  My arms are sore.

At about 4:30 we left A and walked to B, the mall that I went to on Tuesday but haven't explained yet because I haven't posted that blog or those pictures.  It was closed for Toussaints of course, but Quick was not!  We were starving after all the climbing, so we ate Quick.

The little bridge between A and B that crosses to Belle Ile, the mall.


After Quick, Pauline took her bus home from the bridge there in between B and C, and Charlotte and I walked back to C, Place Général Lemen, where I put her on her bus home to Flémalle.
On this bridge again, walking this time.  and in the other direction.
From Place Lemen, I walked up past to Boulevard d'Avroy and the foire d'Octobre, (which actually goes well into November apparently) waving at Guillemins as I walked by.  I walked the length of the fair, and it took almost 45 minutes (30 minutes longer than usual) to do it because there were so many PEOPLE there!  I loved it!  and I bought croustillons.  So that puts us from C through D to K.

Impressive, right?

Up at Pont d'Avroy, I went down to Cathédrale to have a look around, had a look into the Palace theatre on blvd Cathedrale, and then walked up and explored some side streets between cathedrale and  sauvengiere.  (E,F,G) 

This was only 6 o'clock.  It drives me crazy how early it gets dark right now.
But fortunately, everything is well lit.  Well, everything worth seeing.

I was thinking about actually catching a flick, so I went to Cinema de la Sauvegniere, but they didn't have showings until 7:45.  They did have free bathrooms though, which is really rare.  They probably would have preferred it if I had seen a movie or eaten at their café, but it was a good find.  Sauvengiere is G behind F.

I then walked from G to H, Place St Lambert, and then back up to Palais at I because last night when I was trying to get from Palais to Montagne Beuren, apparently I took a less than direct route, so I wanted to try to find the right street, which I did, and ended up back at Montagne Beuren, J.

It's nice that they have benches on these stairs.  There are a lot of them.
You can also feel safe here at night because it's pretty well lit, extremely
residential, and the only people that hang out on the mont, are lovers,
residents, and me.

Time to go home, it's 7:30 at montagne Beuren, my ride comes at 8.  So I walked back from J through H, through all the rest (though taking slight detours when I felt like it) back to K.  (the more exact route is hidden by those flags.)

Place du Marché by night.
I got there with plenty of time, and wanted to try another route that I had gotten wrong in the past, and that is from Pont d'Avroy up Rue St. Gilles to Jonfosse, the train stop between Palais and Guillemins, and a school.  So I walked from K up
PROOF I found it.
St. Gilles to L.  Apparently there is a
faster way, but that's the route I was
 told to find and messed up last time.
Now I know it for sure.
     Here's what Jonfosse, L, looks like.

I then walked back to K, pont d'avroy, my regular pickup spot, and we drove home.  I'm proud of my march!!  and of my map!   Fyi, people just don't walk all over Liège.  There's too much public transport for that to be practical.  Fortunately, I had the time, and the desire to do it, so I walked ALL over the town.  But then I realised with dismay, I walked to every spot in Liège that I know today.  WALKED, that's impressive, but clearly I have much more to explore in this city!

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