24 November 2011


I decided to try to make another food item.  It is Thanksgiving after all.  Fortunately, pumpkin pie is not common anywhere other than America.  I stress always about cooking, and the pumpkin was big and too juicy and something about it wouldn't cook fast enough, but it turned out really quite good!  My family asked for seconds!  I was proud, and they were so pleased with it!  My host mom even said this is memory she'll have of me, and thanked me for sharing a bit of my culture with them (I explained Thanksgiving is for eating lots and grossir-ing, but also that it's to say thanks for anything you want to whomever you want in any way you want).
I made the pie the afternoon.  The evening I made truffle chocolate to be rolled and made tomorrow, and speculoos dough to be rolled out and cookie-cut at a later date.  It's tradition for St. Nicholas day (december 6).  You know, the dutch holiday where St. Nicholas rides his donkey through your house to put candy in your shoes over night.  And something about lab coats, flour, mugs, and euro coins.  But it was a good night!  tired tired tired almost the weekend!

I feel like this is a good image of a fair amount of my life right now, that being sweets, french dictionary, my laptop, food, and that little glass of wine.

And I even got to skype with my family for a bit! There were a lot of people at the house!
I was happy to see them! Especially my sisters

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