13 September 2012

5th April Sorrento, Amalfi, and Naples

The next day we woke early and drove out to Sorrento first thing.

The hills right up next to the hotel.

In Sorrento.  They had many flags, I don' t know why.

In Sorrento there is a bridge over these other roads that lead off to the sea.

There were lots of little pedestrian streets lined with open shops fo souvenirs and limoncello!
Vicki and me.

The Sorrentine peninsula

My walking group for that morning: Jane (US), Vicki (NZ), and Josie (S.A.)

The Sorentine peninsula is world famous for it's limoncello.  There were about 20 shops dedicated to all flavored types of -cellos.

So we had to find some in a bar to drink!  But I didn't drink it.  that's water in there.

Here's the bartender who served us limon-cello glasses.

On the way back to the bus after shopping in Sorrento.

For this leg of the journey, we got an Italian bus driver to drive an Italian bus, because the roads along the Amalfi coast are treacherous!

And it started to rain!


Roommates at Amalfi

Klaudia and me on the coast

Sylvie, Klaudia, Alex, and Catherine

This photo needed no editing, and it made me think of a Wrath of the Titans type thing.

Pretty black and white church in Amalfi!  I'm on the steps!

Trying to find Pizza in Italy, sometimes harder than it seems.  Especially on the Rotary lunch budget.

Further along the coast, we stopped in another town.

Me, and Caroline 

There were water spouts abundant it seemed in Italy!

We tended to be quite drowsy by around 3 or 4 pm.

Dinner at the hotel!

Klaudia (US) Alex (Can) Ximena (Mex) Me

Going out for a walk into town.  We were advised to stay close and stay in a large group with at least one guy.

The hotel in Naples by night!  My room was just the first level there on this side.

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