13 September 2012

Ostia/Montecassino/Napoli 4th April

Out of the hotel bright and early.

Drove out to see the Ostia ruins!  There was so much to explore!  My group stayed pretty calm though.  We were sent on a sort of knowledge scavenger hunt to read all the plaques, but we skipped out on some of that.

We did participate in the amphitheater skit though.  There were 2 or 3 other groups there, and I think at least one was French and 1 was probably Italian.  We sang the exchange student chant, and their chants didn't stand a chance!

Our group: Bruno (Br), Luly (Mex), Jillian (Can), Barbara (Br), Caroline (Can), Juan (Ar), and myself.
We were meant to get extra points for internationality too.

after the exploring time, we all got back in the bus and set off again.

My sandwich and San Pellegrino for lunch at the road stop

The road stop.

On top of Montecassino, where the abbey is.

Tasha at the top!

The cloisters at the abbey had plumed doves walking around all over. 

Exchangers in the church

The basement church behind and under the main church was all mosaic and extremely impressive! 
The whole abbey is made of white stone.

Exchangers coming out of church!

In the museum section off behind the whole worship space.
And a beautiful view off the balcony!  It's the only building that fits on top of the mountain, so there's a view all the way round.

Alex and Caroline dancing in the parking lot during a rotary snack time. Marzipans.  but yummy apricot pastry style,

Caro and I compare points.

The view from our balcony in Naples!  (just outside, but still counts)  We are pretty
sure that the house across the street was (codename:) skittles.

An internet session before dinner.

Dinner in the dinner hall.

The view off the roof!  We went up to play some card games.

The room in Naples looked like this.

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