10 May 2012

20th Fevr. Brussels with the Pollains

A cold, sunny day, my host mom Sylvie goes to a funeral in Brussels.  Marie, Cyril and I get to walk around Brussels for the day!

train station

train station.

Me ^^^                                                          Grand place

Hotel Amigo.  I was told this is where the famous, rich, and politically important get put up when they come to Brussels

Comic books are a really big deal to Belgians!

Mannequin Pis.  Naked this time.

A neat building between Central station, and the Grande Place

17th photo.

We're not sure what most of these buildings are... We know we're near the palace though.

The Palace of the King of the Belgians.

In one of Brussels many parks!  (Right before Cyril bit the dust in jumping over that grill there)

A piñata party!  I don't know why it's there.  I got to explain
to my host siblings what a piñata was!

Parliament house, right across the park from the palace.

A famous street sculpture in Brussels

The Belgian national anthem.  It has French, Dutch, and German versions.

We also got to visit the Atomium on this sunny sunny day!

That's me with Sylvie!

The Atomium was built for the world's fair in 1958, and is modeled after an iron atom.   Today, each ball contains a bit of an exposition.  Currently, it is about water conservation.  There's a little restaurant on the top, and some balls have meeting rooms in them.  Most of them even have 2 levels inside.

be. stands for Belgium.

Some stats

This is the stadium where I came to see the Belgian team play the US way back in September! 

A somewhat famous little attraction near the Atomium, Mini-Europe.  Like Lego-Europe, only not made of Legos!

That dome is the dome one can see in the 17th picture above.

The inside of the top.

The elevator had a glass ceiling.

Escalators between the balls!


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