10 May 2012

Illness! February

But then I got sick.  For 3 weeks I got sick.  That's an obscene amount of time to be sick!  I don't even know how to be sick for that long!  But I managed.  Started with strep throat, then bronchial pneumonia, and then a lung infection, for which I used this nebuliser with inhale-able medicine!
You go to the doctor, I've always either been at the doctor's personal office (usually in his or her own house) or the doctor comes to you.  You get a little examination, they write you a prescription (ordonnance) and then you give your insurance info and you pay hardly anything!  Healthcare!  The other thing is, you can't buy any sort of drug in a grocery store without a prescription, which is why you go to the pharmacy.  You can buy cough drops and natural remedies without a prescription, but even my zyrtec needs a prescription.  Then you must take the medicine!
20 minutes morning and night.

I think that is my cough syrup.

Oh yeah, and I had to replace my phone cos it got stolen.  This is my new phone!

My rose for Valentine's Day :)  I was disappointed I didn't get to go to school for it though.

My wolf-dog!  Her name is Léa.  And she barks like a wolf.

But she's friendly.

so this is what I did for a few weeks.

I am your father!
By the way, these are also the weeks where it snowed about five centimetres and then didn't get about -7 degrees Celsius for the duration of those weeks, so technically, I was sortof glad not to have to go to school where I have to leave the building in between every class and ice skate across the courtyard to the other buildings.

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