10 May 2012

Superbowl XLVI, 5th February

Celtica is an Irish pub in Brussels where they played the Super Bowl!
Proof I really saw it!

And there's the screen.  I think we were all pretty pleased with the outcome.

Then of course it was really really late, so I went to a Rotex friend's apartment and slept the morning.

Then went into Brussels the next day.  It was something like -5 degrees celcius. This is Grande Place

Touching this statue is good luck!  Right near grand place.

First Mannequin pis sighting!  Dressed in WWII army uniform

and a real gaufre de Brussels.  I still prefer Liège waffles, but Brussels waffles are pretty decadent.  The last time I had a brussels waffle before that, it was burnt, so I was pleased with this one.  Brussels waffles are a bit thinner than their Liège counterparts, and they put fruit and whipped cream and stuff on top.  Anything you like really.

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