29 August 2011

Day 2. (august 22)

  No internet still.  But so pleased was I when the bed was not even too short for my abnormally large body!
Foreign exchange is vraiment a humbling experience.  You’re at a party, say, and you, usually fairly confident in your social skills, want to go make a friend.
            “Bonjour ...(French French French French French)?”
and all you can say is (in French) “yeah, I’m a new exchange student and I don’t understand French yet.  But I’m a really fun guy!  I promise!”
            Oh wait, you can’t, because there’s not a word for fun in French.
Their WONDERFUL dog, Zizou
(like the footballer)
            Good news, I gave out my presents tonight and they seemed to go over pretty well.  And I did the first night questions from Rotary and if anything, it gave me more opportunity to learn French and kinda get an idea of what’s goin on hither.  My host parents also told me that I speak French very well arlready and that they give me 15 days before I’m GREAT.  Which was of course a major lifter of the spirits.  A bit homesick this morning, I really just want to go to sleep.  It’s the easiest thing to do here haha.  Did I mention that the church on “church street” (on which I live) has a bell?

A patisserie/boulangerie in Seraing

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