29 August 2011

Le Premier nuit (August 21, 2011)

First day!  I slept more than I meant to.  I think I missed dinner,  but I’m not sure because I don’t understand most things.  The dictionary is going to be my friend.  I have my own room in a beautiful old house and my family is super cute and wonderful and that’s that.  I went out with Martin to basically a block party with karaoke.  We drove to it, but I don’t know what village it was in.  And we watched a soccer game.  It is as though everyone here speaks French ALL THE TIME.  Doesn’t it get hard sometimes? (shoutout: Martin Deron).  Because the internet is not connected really yet, I can’t post these until later I think.  Not tonight anyway.
The beautiful country!

first things first.  Eat a baguette.
rue de l'eglise.  that's Tinlot.
My small Brussels airplane.
            Landing and all that was really easy.  Oh by the way, it wasn’t the last time I heard English; the customs dude spoke Scottish.  But once I found the Vanrykels and had a baguette to eat with some of the Rotarians who came to meet me too, we got into the car and drove for a long while.  I fell asleep in the car, but not after some valiant attempts to make conversation in French with them.  I really can get it eventually, but it does take a while.  For now.  Then we did a quick tour, settled in a little bit, and I fell asleep in the chair that I was unpacking in, so I figured I might as well go ahead and nap.  THEIR PILLOW IS SO COMFORTABLE!  I love it.
  But as I said, I slept more than I meant to.  Immediately upon waking up, I met my sister Fanny, and Mme Vanrykel drove Martin and me to this block party thing, where I had my first Belgian French fries with mayonnaise, but I didn’t drink beer.  It’s against rotary rules.

church on church street

Belle compagne
A baby cat outside a building next door.
I almost died.

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