29 August 2011

Some things I like here: (august 23)

bisous.  They’re great!
RATATOUILLE.  Yes, I had some.  And it was epic.  (But only to me)
Really nifty windows.  No air conditioning means good windows.
the sun stays up late.  It did not get completely dark until 9:20.
The fact that my internal monologue switches involuntarily back and forth `  from French to English.  And if you know me, you know that means my external monologue (I talk to myself TOUS LES TEMPS)  but out loud, I only speak French.

I only get a little homesick in the morning when I don’t know when to wake up because jet lag is still affecting me, so I awaken at 5 on accident and try to return to my slumber, but my mind wanders.  So I wait a little bit, and then go downstairs.  I took a walk.  It helped!

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  1. How fantastic Ben! I bet it feels like living at Epcot Center. Everything is so subtle and authentic....glad ur settling in. Love you, Jennifoof