09 August 2011

Tuesday, August 9.

    I am still in Nashville.  I have still to get gifts for my host families.  I have to get better about emailing my host family more regularly. For some reason, email scares me, so they stack up.  I really hope they don't think I'm trying to be rude or anything.
     I have recently found the website SumbleUpon and it is a really cool thing!
Martin and me at the Nashville
     I leave in 1 and a half weeks.
    Martin Deron got here last night, and he has such a great sense of humour!  And really really good at English which scares me because I'm not as good at French.  But let's be honest, I'm not actually scared.  I have plans to simply wing it from here on out.  I do understand him when he speaks French though, so that's a plus.
    We met him at the airport with Bob Currie (the organiser of Nashville's RYE) and his son, Kevin, and exchange student from Belgium, Charles.  Charles's last name on facebook is Lplt and I just have no idea if that is his real name or not.  They were very engaging to talk to and Charles told me about Belgian things, like the fact that the Liege accent is nigh incomprehensible.  Challenge accept.  We drew signs in colored sharpies that said "Welcome Martin" etc in funny colors and drew pictures of the American flag.  I assured Martin, "not all Americans are this tacky."
Pull out beds are for winners.
     Moved out of my room and into the bonus room so Martin can have the nice room.  It just means I sleep on a fold out couch surrounded by piles of clothes, which is fun.  No really.  I'm excited to be here!  It means I'm really going to be focusing on packing and my exchange.
     On Sunday I went to the mall just to get out of the house for a bit.  I had forgotten it was tax free weekend, so the mall was REALLY crowded.  Which I also love.
     Sorry this post is so dry, but I'm quite tired and the unenthusiastic-enthusiasm angle really tickles me right now!

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