20 August 2011

le départ: Nashville à Chicago

Mom didn't know that Sepia option was turned on!
I’m sweating like crazy.  I think it’s because I’m nervous.  Not to mention I had to walk all the way to the very last gate in the building in my Rotary blazer.  And I’ve used the bathroom twice already.  But that’s how it is I guess.  When they told us at outbound camp (jokingly, but still) that if you get into trouble in the airport, just go up to a Rotarian and start crying, I worried that it might be hard to make myself cry!  But it’s not haha.  We didn’t cry the whole drive to the airport and didn’t cry through check in and didn’t cry for 2 whole pictures, but Mom started it, then I started, then Ellie started.  Not for long though.  I pulled it together by the time I was to security.  I only imagine what their drive home was like haha.
  I also love airport bathrooms.  Everything is automated and the hand dryers are like airplane jet engines.  The new dryers are called Air-Blade.  You stick your hands between the two sides and it shoots an air blade on both of your hands, drying them as you pull your hands out!  So cool!  Boarding now.
            I have the lyrics to a song by the one and only Joni Mitchel stuck in my head.  “Laughing and crying, you know it’s the same release.”  Just a thought.
            On the plane now!  My backpack is too puffy to fit completely under the seat, but when I take out my sweatshirt I’m sure it’ll be fine.  I ADORE watching the clouds out the window and WOAH I just saw another plane in the sky!  That’s so cool!  I managed to get a window seat, but every seat is full.  This plane continues on to Las Vegas, but I’m getting of in Chicago to stay the night with my aunt and uncle before the overseas flight tomorrow night.  I also really like airplane peanuts.  I most often fly Southwest and they have delicious honey-roasted peanuts.  I don’t know if I’ll have room on my tray-table for my cup of ice with water in it AND my computer…
Last view of Nashville
1 hour and a half flight.
            I really wanted to blog last night or the night before about packing or about whatever, but I was so busy getting ready!  So in the last few weeks, Martin and I have registered for his school, gone to see my friend Natalie Rankin sing at Tin Roof on Demonbreun (I felt so Nashville!), toured Curb Records, and gone to the lake, all of which were very fun, but none more fun than the lake!  It has been interesting getting a little look at our culture from his perspective.  And our food.  He has a facebook photo album just for American food.  (Which is great because our friend le chef, Jerry Arnold came over and we cooked a really good meal last Monday)
Then Martin started school and I have been more and more busy packing and thinking about and preparing for this trip.  Mostly the plane ride though.  If I think too far ahead I might stress out haha.. 
Packing was really sortof fun!  I made a big list of things to take while sitting downstairs.  I figured that if I made the list without having everything in front of me, those things (clothes mainly) that I thought of to put ON the list would be my favorites, or at least not superfluous.
Oh that reminds me!!  There were 3 things in particular I wanted to blog about whilst packing.  They are: orange ginger shampoo, the words for Ma’am and Sir in French, and…something else.  Something interesting I’m sure.
I got travel sized orange ginger shampoo from the hotel in NY that we stayed in on the school choir trip last year.  And it smells delicious.  I can’t wait to use it.
2. What are they?!
3.   ….yeah I don’t know.
That is all.

The blues brothers in Midway airport, Chicago

Back to my list.  It keeps track of EVERYTHING that I packed.  Even the Tony Chacherie that Jamie Bronder asked me to bring…  Any time I would find something on the floor that I had to throw in last minute I would add to the list.  It’s a magnificent list, trust me.  I listed everything in the checked bag, the carry-on bag, the backpack, and what I would wear.  AND with such careful planning and my conservative packing strategy, we were able to pack my checked bag in such a way that we didn’t even have to sit on it to get it shut AND it was 43 pounds on the FIRST TRY!  CELEBRATION!
We’re about to land now.  My aunt and uncle are going to pick me up at Midway.
            We came home, went out to Maggiano’s, and struggled to check into Virgin Atlantic for my flight tomorrow at 6.  It turns out I’m not allowed to carry on both my carry-on and my backpack?  Why isn’t that easier to find out.  And I still don’t believe it.  Every plane I’ve ever been on had overhead bins, even in economy class.  If I just payed 45 extra dollars for a 2nd checked bag and I didn’t need to, I’ll be really mad.
not my photo
            So I thought of this funny idea on my flight.  It’s called “security insecurity.”  It’s like when everyone is waiting in line at security and they finally get to where they have to empty their pockets and take off their shoes and unload their laptops and take out their plastic air-line approved, transparent liquid bags, and the only thing anyone can do is think “I hope nobody sees me taking all this stuff out and putting it in bins” as though anyone else watching them will be able to tell that they don’t travel very often, or that this line makes them feel uncomfortable!  And then of course once they’re through the x-ray box, they have to gather up all their stuff as fast as possible so the line doesn’t back up behind them, which means they’re more likely to accidentally leave something, or replace an item that was so well organized all the way on the drive to the airport until security and now has to be tossed in haphazardly so it can look casual and be quick.  It’s a very insecure period of one’s life, security.
            I have this friend whom I always used to call in airports because I always wanted to be so cool as to be busy enough to have to talk to someone on the phone while power-walking down the concourse.  I made it a tradition and I thought even if I don’t talk to this friend any other time, at least I’ll call them whilst I walk around any airport!  Well, I don’t have a phone, so I was going to use a pay phone, but that fell through too.  Whatever.  We move on.
            Things left to do before I go to the airport tomorrow:
1.find out if I really did have to pay that extra frickin $45.
2.Write Grandma Betty a thank you note. <3
3.Check in at Brussels airlines
4.Choreograph my security routine
5.Bathe in orange and ginger shampoo
6.Make a playlist for the plane
7.Email the Vanrykels!
8.Post this blog.
I just remembered what my third item for bloggage was supposed to be: it is becoming a catch phrase for me to say, “I’m going to blog about that.”

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