24 October 2011

3rd week of october

Again, I haven't blogged in a while.  I've found more fun things to do mostly haha.  But all I can say is basically the same thing as last week.  I know this is extremely unhelpful, but I'm not even going to copy/paste what I wrote last week about this week, and just suggest that you take a look down below if you care for a silly summary of what living is like, but then again, everyone knows what that's like.  Whatever.  HERE are some pictures from this week!  And the stories will be told as they come up.

well dang, these are out of order.  I went to the fair with mes amies on Friday last!

we rode that.

too fun!

that's some of the foire.

STILL haven't ridden that yet.  unfortunately my camera died before the sun went down.
We also went into the pirate house where there were moving stairs and
funny floor shakers and a big slide and stuff.  too fun!
Tuesday was picture day.  The morning was normal pictures, the afternoon was the costumed picture!  I'm way up in the back with sunglasses on

The rest of the school looked on during a break

The theme was hollywood, and I went as James Bond, sortof.  I'm not entirely sure
how anyone else decided what to be.

But oh, do they know how to have fun!

Wednesday we went to explore a new town for me, Louvain la Neuve

The sky looked pretty on the train ride there.

This is Louvain la Neuve.  My host mom told me the whole story:  The original Leuven is a college town in Flanders, and during the 70s, the Flems kicked the francophones out, so the walloons just built a new college town for the francophone half of the university.  They share a library and stuff.  Notice the sameness of the architecture throughout the whole city!  Different for a city in Europe in that it was all constructed recently and over the course of a few years, and not thousands.

freak hailstorm durning the day!

Saturday, we trained Bruxelles where I rode a subway for the first time in Belgique!

This was the goal of out trip: Patinage!

The zamboni!  (that's for my mother.  Not entirely sure why)

Tintin!  The film premiered in Brussels that night, and the directors: Peter Jackson and Stephen Spielberg were apparently there.  I'm going to the Liège premier tomorrow with my rotary club!  Even though it's technically an American film, the comic strip is of course Belge, and so it comes out here 3 MONTHS before it does in the states.  Eat your heart out.

And this is me the rest of the weekend, and today.  It's what it looks like to be really sick and sleep 17 out of 24 hours.  All will be well.
Have a great week!

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