04 October 2011

La Descente de la Lesse/bougies sur la montagne bueren

LA LESSE. and lazy sundaze.
Beautiful weather (luckily) but not a lot of water in the river.  pretty calm most of the way down.  Because there was not much water, everyone got stuck multiple times, but the lack of water means not that we didn't get very wet!  They were 2 person kayaks, and I shared with my oldie, Jarrod.  Before I got here I didn't realize just how important oldies were, but now I know they are truly vital.  Jarrod got here from NZ last January and has been extremely helpful in showing me the ropes here in Belgium and we've grown pretty close as well.  It's always good to have really good relations in a strange country.
Jarrod in the kayak

We were 190 or so!  There were also locals there the same day.  It was quite comfortably crowded.
There were great cliffs that reminded me of the Argonath


Right after that little waterfall there, it was necessary to empty the kayak of water and dry off a bit.

Colours of autumn

Exchange students are so fun!

After 2 trains back to Liège, some of us stayed and went to see a little fête in Liège called La Nocturne des Coteaux de la Citadelle where they light up a bunch of candles and it looks pretty.

Organ grinders with stuffed monkeys.

I found a pretty fountain that seemed
somewhat significant.

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