09 October 2011

Journée Nationale à Namur

Beautiful old Belgium.  From the inside of the Namur gare

This week I did NOT go to Liège but once.  We had stuff to do and stuff.  At school I went to the first meeting of a chorale that I might be able to be in, and the weather was not as pretty this week. around 13 degrees all week.
    The Saturday past, all 3 districts met at Namur for another presentation of some rules and the BRESA trips.  I'm still not certain what that stands for, but I have signed up to go to Italy and Prague with Rotary on the website.  Hopefully that works out!  The afternoon we all boarded a riverboat and paddled around in the rain.   We took loads of pictures and had a grand ole time.

lots and lots of exchangers
our tour boat
There are 2 rivers in Namur that intersect.  This one is not the Meuse

The happy exchangers who decided to stand on top in the rain
The Citadel in Namur in the daylight, from the river (this one is the Meuse)
I got to watch the new glees on the internet here, and I've found more music from Mozart l'Opera Rock, and it is all FANTASTIC.  Hopefully I'll get to see it soon on the internet or something.  Check out "Tatoue Moi" on youtube if you're interested.   Warning: content may be a little adult if you translate it.
School tomorrow

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