06 October 2011

Excursions on Wednesdays with Rotary: le Fort Eben-Emael

Before we got to the fort, there were some pictures to be taken:

on bus route 27 into Liège, there's a pretty wall.


 Rotary district 1630 organises fun outings about 1 Wednesday per month.  This month, we went to the Fort of Eben-Emael, which is situated right on the German border and was used in the Second World War to defend Belgium.  There is more history to it, but the exchange kids mostly enjoyed the echoes and the company.  There even was a beautiful patch of woods right on top of it that we got to amble about in!

this is one place where the fort was penetrated.  It was a staircase.

exchange kids are very fun

well, that was dry.

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