27 October 2011


     I caught some really good ones I think!  I'm pretty sure they're really Liegeois, or specific to my region.
When I talk to myself in franglais, even if I complete a sentence in English, I end with "hein?"
and that's sortof like the "huh" at the end of "that was great, huh," but frenchy sounding and used in way more cases.  I know it's all around French, but I think it's really Liegeois the way I use it!
    There's also putting "ou quoi" (or what) at the end of sentences, even if it's not at all necessary.  Language of the people.  And whether it's ACTUALLy a proper improper usage, I do it because I think I heard it.
     Apparently there's also a stereotype among Francophones that Belgians always put "une fois" at the end of sentences, meaning "one time", or "once."  I haven't really heard it except in stereotype.  That's probably another region who does that, like Tournai or something.
    Of course there are typical "street" words that we say are really Liegeois, but it's sortof like ebonics, and so it's a dialect, but each area has it's own version...  Actually I can't go so far as to say it's a dialect, but it is definitely an accent with it's slang.  "kiffe" (to like well) "bouffe" (a club in lower manhattan recommended by a popular guest contributor to Weekend Update with Seth Meyers [booooooooof].  or, "to eat")  and there's a word like "sous" which means dough (in the sense of money).
And plenty more!  that I'm not really current on yet.

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