12 February 2012

End of December, Beginning of Vacations

I finished my 2 obligatory exams early and started a nice long vacation, full of visiting, exploring, and learning french.
One morning I made crepes with Francoise!  There was something wrong with the stove, so it took us like an hour and a half to make 5.  And I made them too thick.  But they were really good, and it was a good lunch

The first snow I saw in Belgium!  I happened to be in Liège!  The temperature in the city is usually 3 or 4 degrees celcius warmer than it is out in the country where I live, so it doesn't stick as much, but it was still pretty in the air.  16th december.

The church down the street in the snow!

Out my window with the snow

Another day, a couple of exchange students got together and made gingerbread people!  It was a fun soirée
The marché de Noël at Liège is one of the biggest in Belgium.  It has 3 different sections, one of them includes this ferris wheel.  A delicacy of the christmas market is Vin Chaud, or hot wine.  Wine with wintry spices in it.  Also putine.  it's Quebecois, look it up.

The booth at the marché that actually made me take into account that the Tour de France is starting in Liège this summer!  Don't worry, I already have plans to be there for it.

My pull rheto!  The senior class hoodie.  All the names are on the back (not the exchange students names...  I'll just write them in on everyone's.)

My little cell phone and a pig made of marzipan!  Funny because none of the Vanrykels really like marzipan, and neither do I.

One day with Françoise, we painted.  Françoise is a pro at arts and crafts, so she offered me a little canvas, and I painted, and then made a paper snowflake, and then traced that.

Françoise says she's going to put paper snowflakes in the windows every winter now :) :)

One morning near to Christmas, Fanny baked a bunch of pinwheel cookies that tasted soooo good.  We used them as little Christmas presents at the family gathering

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