19 February 2012

French Scrabble

If I had trouble with Scrabble in English, it's nothing compared to it in French.  First of all, the letters are of course given different values because the letters appear at different frequencies in French words compared to English words.  Of course the X and Z are worth a 10 still, but the Y and the K are also worth 10 in French.  When I looked up in my French/English dictionary, there is about a half a page of French words that start with k, and they mostly come from English ("kart" "K.O." etc).  So yeah, I sat in front of my letters being inspired to try to find English words and finding that there were no good letter combinations for it because they're designed to inspire French ones.  lots of vowells.  But the best part of French Scrabble is that because there are so many conjugations of the verbs, there are an infinite number of variations on wee 3 or 4 letter words.  You add an "s", an "es", an "er", an "ez", an "a."  Simple past tense is pretty useful to know for French Scrabble.  That and the fact that you can gender-ise all adjectives.  Add an "e" and it's feminine.  Add and "s" and it's plural.  Add an e and an "s" and it's feminine plural.  My host parents are really really good at Scrabble.  They basically played for me (and my host brother too).  The highest pointed word was 54 and it was Cyril's.  Good game for learning, not a good game if you wanted to win by your own intelligence.

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