19 February 2012

January week 1

After Christmas and New Years, I had about a week before school started back.  With such a long and busy vacation, I did NOT want to be already stressing about school starting.  But I packed into my week as much as possible and hardly thought about it at all!
I had started a project a few weeks before christmas and had to finish it that week.  The project was to make a movie full of clips of Liège and of exchange and other exchangers for my oldie, Jarrod.  So I went and visited place to gathered footage, and worked hard on my iMovie program and it turned out great in the end, but it took a lot of time.

One morning during vacation I woke up early and made a banana pudding before my bus came at 9:45 in the morning!

It turned out great! But I had to ask Fanny to put it in the fridge for me once it was cooled, cos I had to catch my bus!

The only time I ever took the bus at Rue de L'église.  Four days before I moved.  I had taken it home once before.  I never appreciated how convenient it was, 10 seconds from my front door!  

I went back to Huy that day!


The Grande Place at Huy with remnants of the Christmas market

Inide the big cathedral with a Christmas tree!

Got together one last time in town with Jarrod ...

and Rachel (on the right).

The next morning at 4 oclock already at Brussels Airport with host families in tow, said goodbye to our oldies from New Zealand.  Didn't sleep a wink.

A little aftermath regrouping in McDonalds in Brussels.  Breakfast that doesn't open until 8am by the way.  And it's still dark.  The kids with me are Canadian.

And the next day I packed up all my stuff and moved out of the Vanrykel's house.  

The Vanrykels (minus Martin) and I, saying goodbye (at least for now).
I was smiling, but I was really close to tears, trust me.
During that week I went also to Bruges, but that's in the preceding post.  That may have been the hardest week of my life thus far.  I'm still trying to recount it in my personal journal, but I keep having to stop so I don't get too upset.

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