14 February 2012

little Belgian thingies (mostly just food that I'd never seen before)

My first first baguette in Belgium, 5 minutes after I got off the plane.  I wanted to get a good European baguette asap.

As promised, waffles in a vending machine.

A Belgian beer!  The price and cultural equivalent probably of like, Bud light, but it's so much better.  Not that I know myself.  Jupiler is made in Liège.

Les schtroomphs took over everywhere at the beginning of my exchange.  I knew the film was coming out, but I didn't know why it was such a big deal here.  I learned then that The Smurfs are Belge.  The original comic books were written by a Belge, and Belges do so love their comics.

Every window in every house I've been in has had the windows like this.  That open in from the top,  and that swing in too!

A Quick burger!  Quick, the fast food resto of Belgium, has a new gag every month or so to try to sell burgers.  In August/September, it was the "Super Love Giant" (the Giant is the Quick version of maybe the BigMac or whatever) and I just HAD to get it.  So I did :)

Waffles in a packet of 10.  for 79 cents.

Public transportation!  I take the buses busee buses.

Péket, a favorite of the city of Namur, is a flavored alcohol, and there were trays and trays of all different colors at Fête Wallonie!  Usually about a Euro a shot.

At the bus stops, the bus schedule!  The 94 that passes by Rue de L'Eglise.  It takes about 5 quarters of an hour to ride all the way from there into town or the other way around, but once you know how to read the signs, and they are hard, you can figure it all out.

A candy from the vending machine at school.  Chocolate, granola, raisins... I mean, it was fine.


Pizza Hut presents to you the wine list.

A Bounty, which I know as a mounds bar.

the AZERTY keyboard goes even to the phones

Boulets.  Basically meatballs with a sauce Liègeois.  Boulet-frites is a very Liègois dish

My favorite cereal here!  It's chocolate and caramel!  I don't even like caramel!

Belgian brand Nutella!  KWATTA!  I mean, there are no hazelnuts in it, so it's basically chocolate icing for everyday life.  

Learn about genes!  With comics!  So Belge.

Lotus brand speculoos spread SO GOOD.  Cinnamon and brown sugar.  And the crunchy kind is so so good

Another candy from the vending machine!

omiword, ok this is a fried sausage in a baguette, covered in fries,  with delicious Belge andalouse sauce on top.  It's called a routier.  the sausage is called a fricadelle.  Don't think about it too hard.

Bus stop at beauséjour behind my school1

This is a good good beer from Belgium.  Somewhat sweet, soft,  and a good 11%.

Croustillons! from the October fair!  They are basically beignets  with powdered sugar.  Fair food.  Another really Liègeois fair food is Laquements, which are flat flat waffle soaking in Syrop de Liège, the same flavour as the sauce with the meatballs.  it's an interesting flavor, a little bit cinnamon, a little bit pear, spicy.  It's good.

Lion has candy bars too!  My cereal.

I have a Brussels waffle here. Warning in winter, strawberries are expensive. I can't believe I don't have a picture of a street Liège waffle.  But the waffles in the packets were technically Liège waffles, so there up here.

Vol au vents.   A little pastry hollowed out with sauce and meat inside.  Guess who made them? Françoise et moi. (I mean you buy the pastry pre-made)


With coffee, in the land of les Ch'tis, that is, the northern Francophones (Northern France and Belgium), you put in Chicorrée, which are dried Chicon roots.  That's a lot of Belgicisms there. Chicons are the Belge word for andives.  The Vanrykels always put a little in with the coffee maker.

like I said, don't think too much about it.

Cécémel is a brand of hot chocolate.  Sortof like Nesquick, but slightly classier.  And they gave me a free hat with the purchase of a Hot chocolate with Bailey's mixed in!

Another Quick trick, the Winter burger.  The ads make it look so pretty!  But in reality, it was  just a bit of flour to make snowflakes...  It was still a good Giant though.

I will continue to try to find little things like that.  Just stuff I find interesting! and Belge!

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