16 February 2012

New Years

Went to Bruxelles for New Years!  It was full of people and little firecrackers kept going off everywhere in the middle of crowds!  Thought about trying to get into Grande Place, but there was a huge huge crowd and the police who were going through everyone's bags and it just took too long, so we went up the hill a little bit and found a dj playing some music.  As it turns out, we were up on the hill where they shot the fireworks off, so we had a better view than if we had been in Grande Place!  We were a little bit behind a building, but we could still see.  Fireworks always make me cry, I don't know why.
I even called home on my cell phone!  It was a little after midnight here, but I forgot that not only would it be a little after 5 at home, but my family was out of town.  Messages left on New Years Eve on the answering machine are funny.  I also found out that the cost of calling home for that short time made hardly a dent in my pre-paid phone card credit!  So it was a fun fun night.  But by the time the first trains of the morning rolled around, the people I was with were getting cranky, so we got in the train and slept a bit.

A few hours after midnight, Grand Place was quite easy to get into.

And they were cleaning up.  Such bright lights they had there!  I didn't happen to see any confetti however.

Funny drunken people walking around with their buddies are funny.

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