30 September 2011

Last week of September

This week I went into Liège EVERY day.  It has been a blast!  But I had an excuse:  it has been almost 27°C every day this week.  Shorts shorts shorts!  And lots of pleasant promenades.
      Monday I went with mes amies into town to see a movie (Beginners [again]) because:
Busin'!  'round 4h30.
La Cinema Sauvenière has 4 theaters.
      Tuesday we had congé (school was closed) for the "fête de la communauté française en Belgique,"  That is to say, celebration of the french speaking community of Belgium.  That day I went back en ville for some walking around and taking further pictures before I had school:
       Wednesday, which is always a half day anyway, and I went into town with the some exchange kids as is common on Wednesdays, which are the days before (in singular):
Setting up for the October fair!  In the back,
 you can see the citadel church.
       Thursday, when I went en ville to exchange yet ANOTHER pull (sweatshirt) at H&M (it seems I'm always there. fortunately there are 4 in Liège) and to buy a GO PASS which is a 50 Euro train ticket for 10 voyages (5 Euros a voyage) so that's really useful for voyages that cost more than 5 Euros, like to Brussels or home from la descente de la Lesse which is happening:
At pont d'Avroy in Liège centre there are a lot of these fun colored circley things.
When I walk from Guillemins to Place Cathedral, which I do practically every time, even though I could ride the bus all the way to Liège centre, I walk all the way down Blvd D'Avroy.  In the middle of the boulevard, there is the park with the fair right now.  On the sides there are buildings, a little park, and this peacock!  This is 1 or 2 streets south of Place Cathedral (North is on the left here).
       Saturday.  The Rotex offer this excursion to go kayaking down the Lesse river.  Fortunately it will be hot hot hot (uncommon for Belgium, ESPECIALLy in September) and not raining, although there is not enough water in the river for us to be able to kayak the whole way down, so we're just doing 12 km instead of the full 24!  Saturday night, the coteaux de la citadel will have the annual candle thingy.  I don't know what it's actually called, but there are going to be a lot of really pretty candles all over the montagne bueren tomorrow night.  But of course I realize that I've skipped:
Chatting with Mr le Président, and a very nice woman who
had stories from her exchange to the states 15 years ago.
      Friday, the one day this week that I did not go into Liège after school (bizarre for a Friday) but I instead went to a nice dinner with the Rotary for a Belgian girl named Marine who has just returned this summer from her exchange in Australia!  She did her slideshow tonight after we ate des boulets- frites (so very Belge) and drank beer, wine, and champagne.  Her presentation reminded again of how much this exchange influences a person and how happy it can make everyone involved.  I couldn't even understand everything she said and I couldn't stop grinning with pride and nostalgia.  And I've only met her twice before.

The Legendz est une société Belge qui
 organise régulièrement des évènements
 électro hype et select (soirées, concerts)
 très populaires en Belgique. (from a
wikipedia article on it)

    Tonight, in a village very near to me (Nandrin), even nearer to Klaudia (with whom I car pool in the morning to school) there is an immense outdoor concert under the largest tent in Belgium, suitable for 15,000 people.  Buses reading not the usual destinations in Liège and surrounding areas, but "David Guetta" have been running since 17h.  Surely other bands will be playing before he begins, be he's billed to begin at 2 AM and finish at 4, but he's likely to play 'til 5 or 6 in the morning.  Pity unto those who go to Guetta and then to la Lesse.  But it should be really fun for them.  I can already hear the opening acts out my window, as well as cows mooing.
Le grand chapiteau!
(as a reminder from the first posting "lol" here means "lots of love")

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