01 March 2012

First week or so with the Pollains. January, week 2

the bus that comes to get us to school.  Public transport.  7:15.
Technically that's the same as my highschool back home was, but here, it's dreadful.

I took the bus to Huy after school Thursday to say goodbye to my Australian friend Emma, once.  It took more than an hour, that was a surprise.

Passing by the nuclear plants

Grand Place at Huy, cleaning up from the ice rink and Christmas market.

Emma and me

That Friday, we went to the airport in Brussels to say goodbye to all my Australian oldies.

There is a shuttle train from Brussels-Midi to the airport, with a separate ticket fee.

Coming up from the train at the airport

Goodbye, Emma!

It was a big turnout of newies.

A vending machine at the airport

Some glass seats/art at the Brussels airport.

Skyline from the top of the parking garage.
The next morning, we said goodbye to the rest of our Australian oldies, all of whom left near 6:30 in the morning.

Back at Brussels central station

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Grand Place early early in the morning.

The subway station in which we took refuge both times to wait until McDonalds opens at 8.

It stays open until 5, but then doesn't open again till 8.


Once again, the sun does come up.

Grand Place, brux

And waiting for the bus again to come at Guillemins.  I fell asleep on the bus ride home, but woke up in time to figure out which stop to get off at.  My host mom was there to pick me up, since it's a 45 minute walk home from the bus stop.

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