24 March 2012

Beginning of February!

Catching the bus at 7:13 in the dark and snow.

After the big snow, the courtyard froze all the way over at school, and I skated around in order to make my host sister worry I would fall!  

And it wouldn't get about 0 degrees celsius for about a week there.

Bois d'abbeye in between Seraing and the country.

Snow is so pretty it's still clinging to the trees!

or when it's in great huge fields!  One day I stayed at Chelsea's house, and we went to play with her host adopted guide dog.
But eventually it gets slushy and icy and black.

Marie, Fanny, and me!  Little party in my bedroom!

My current host dog, Lea.

She's a wolf.  But a gentle one.

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