24 March 2012

Cross-country skiing with the Pollains on February 5th

It was just Cyril, Sylvie, and me.  They were both pretty good at it!  They were used to it anyway.

 All the photos are extra large!  I went to do cross country skiing one day!  My first ever time skiing!  There wasn't enough snow to do downhill, and it was only in the Ardennes, so the hills weren't terribly high anyway, but I still had a wonderful time!

I learned the word for a stand of pine trees here!  They are grown to be harvested, and they are called "pépiniers."
Words for everyday use.
Sylvie and Cyril in the "pépinier!"  I fell so many times that I lost count.  And always to the right over my left ski.  3 kilometers, 45 minutes.  Sunny and fresh!

And then the sledding hill!  Where more falling took place.
Little shoe skates for snow!  They were so glidey!  Don't I look like a pro!

But for real, it is the hardest thing I've ever done. Harder even than trick skiing on water!
Even Cyril couldn't really make them work!
 Baraque Fraiture was the ski spot.  One actual ski slope, a sled slope, and nice tracks for cross-country-ers.  about an hour from Villers le Temple.  I was so tired afterwords!  But then, that night was the super bowl... so...

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