28 March 2012

New Host Family

Up to date update: 28 march. Today was my second night in Seraing with the Makas!  I'm already loving my room, and got it all organised!  Unpacked my suitcases completely, and even put some stuff on the walls!  It's amazing how that gives meaning to the room!  To have my drawings, photos, and Wallonne flag on the wall.  The location is amazing too, cos there are buses all the time, and it's only 3 minutes to walk to the bus stop.  Once I get used to it all, it'll be great.
My host mom, Martine, is a gynecologist, and my host sister is at a school in Liège for after high school, but like, pre-med school sort of thing.  I'm about a week older than she is.  My host dad is her step dad, and he likes Belgian beer.

I don't know my family very well at all yet, but so far, it's been going rather smoothly.  except that I'm just so tired!
I also live on the 3rd floor.  I have a tiny window from which I can see the factory at Seraing with the flame tower, and see across the Meuse to Jemeppe.
Leaving for Paris with my French class on Friday for the day!
Leaving for ITALY with Rotary (BRESA) on Sunday for 11 days!

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