04 March 2012

Liège in January

These photos were just to remind myself what Liège looks like.   In winter.

On the way to Liège in Seraing.

The graffiti wall.

The factory.


La Meuse direction Liège (up stream)



The road on the way out of Guillemins

The bus across the Pont d'Albert 1st near the library that I've never been to.


in the mall. They are in the process of building a pool or skating rink thing off to the side of it.  Primark is here.  So is Jules and one of the 3 or 4 H&Ms in Liège.

Home of The Voice Belgique.  A spin off of the French spin off of the Voice from the States.  Compared to the French one, the Belgian one is more anglicised, as in they use slightly more English music on the show.  There is even an English judge, who speaks French with a horrible accent.  But this show is very popular, and it's filmed right here in Liège.

I mean, there it looks like I was taking a picture of the sign there, but that is nothing.  It's just the silhouette of the building is cool.  (We can see Primark in the black windows there on the right)

A part of Liège that I had not yet explored, Outremeuse, that is, the island in between the Meuse and the derivation canal.  Lots of neighborhoods. Apartment buildings, not much to do from what I saw.

But it's pretty.  This is the derivation.

I found a secret graffiti tunnel

They must have meetings and stuff here.  So I left pretty quickly.

Palais des Congres.  And there's a church way up there behind Guilly there.

I don't know what it is.  But now I have a picture of it!  Of to the side of the Bridge of Albert the 1st

The parc with il Toro in it

Parc D'Avroy.  There's a big work of art there in the middle!

The peacock has blooms even in the middle of freezing temperatures!

Pont D'Avroy

Pont D'Avroy

Place Cathedrale with it's current (in January) gargen deco.

Republique Française

Opera house, under constuction

All the streets and sidewalks in Liège are made up of all these little bricks

Rue St Gilles


Pont D'Avroy the other direction than usual.

Somehow I ended up back at school... I don't remember why.

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