24 March 2012

End of January/ Transardentes

A sunny day in freezing January in Seraing.

We see the back of the church that I will be living near in my third host family on the same sunny day

The sun really did great things for my mood that day there

Even in Belgium, sometimes the sky is blue and clear!

Pont D'Avroy

St Martin

Pretty side street off Rue Saint-Gilles

Some Rotary friends!  One goes to school right in Liège, one is one of the 2 in the German-speaking region of Belgium, and one goes to school with me.

Saint Jacques

Saint Jacques

Loustique, one of the cats here at Villers le Temple.  I thought for 2 months of living here that her name was Moustique, which means mosquito.

Sun on the piano.  Obviously, the sun is an inspiring thing to me, especially since it was so cold then!

On the way into the music festival, the Transardentes!

With my host sister, Marie, at Transardentes!

5 different halls each with a style of electronic dance music.    This, the dubstep room, was my favorite!

My host sister, her friend and I were taking a picture, and 3 strangers jumped in with us.  Fun times!

Dubstep room

Since it lasted all night long, we had time to wait in line to get free glow in the dark paint on ourselves!

Marie's friend Fanny with a flower tattoo!

I didn't spend a single song in this room, but it sure had a cool deco.

The bar, really expensive drinks, even just water.  3 tickets.

Electro-dance chamber!

Crossroads: which room do I go to next to slowly lose my hearing permanently?

Boyz noize!  He was the only name I had heard of before I got there, and he had a killer set!

Found some friends from Rotary there, and made it to the front row!

Cassius had a really great house set after Boyz Noize

The dubbers at the end of the night were some British jerks who yelled at the Belges just random stuff.  "Hands up!"

Genre, mosh pit!

Walking home at 4:30 in the morning.  Crossing the river, to go stay at Marie's grandmother's house in Outremeuse.

Staying silent in the dangerous, early-morning neighborhoods of Liège.
But Marie's feet hurt from dancing, so...

Good morning noon.

Mémé Pollain has lived in the same apartment building since at least the 70s.  The neighborhood has changed demographics quite a bit.

Liège in the distance from her balcony

my messy messy room here.

view out the back window


The orange is called "filet de poulet Americain."  Don't know what sort of american chicken filet they are talking about, but I don't know of anything that orange in regular food life.  On the right is Kwatta and coconut!  I was inspired by the snow!  Though originally, it was Sylvie, my host mom's, idea.

Bare feet!  My whole family blamed this moment for the sickness that I endured for the following 3 weeks.  But I just can't imagine it did that much

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