01 March 2012

Mid January

The piano at the Pollain's house!  It stays in tune pretty well!  I played the first night, and Daniel my host dad came in with his sax to play along to "Send in the Clowns!" I really enjoy playing it.  I don't know if it's a thing specific the size of this upright, but this piano only has 85 keys. the Bb, B and C are missing off the top, because it ends at "do" in French music terms.

One day after school, when it was still in the negatives, direction, Seraing.

We take the bus to Boncelles (no idea where that is or how we get there) and then have to take a correspondence in order to get to our bus stop at the "rond point des vaches" (cow roundabout) or "quatre bras" officially (4 arms).

One Wednesday after a meeting with Rotary in town, Chelsea and I were feeling happy, and we were with a friend, Niko, of Liège, and he suggested we go to a Standard game!  So we just went!! (I mean, of course I asked permission and everything)

January 18

It wasn't terribly full, just a game against a Flemmish football club, Lierse.   We had extra time added! but then we lost.
And there's something about the fact that we had played them the week before and won 2-1 because away points are worth more than home points. But the points were compounding, so this match, we had overtime at 1-2 since their points counted double at our stadium.  But then they scored 2 times in 3 minutes, and in order to catch up, it was necessary 4 goals.

We got cheap seats among the fans that stand up and yell the whole time, and I learned all the chants!

The supporters of Lierse in the rain.  That is their reserved section

Proof I was there in person

From the bus in Liège Friday.  Cold, rainy.

Klaudia! Mah Florida Sistah!  She cracks me up
Surprise dinner party!  Those happen a lot to me. There's Nat and Antonin her boyfriend, and 2 girls or the family or godfather/godmother relation, I'm not sure.  Marie and her boyfriend are behind us!

Cyril, my host brother playing fifa on my bed!

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