26 June 2012

Last days with the Pollains, 26 27 march

I went to Marie's school for the second time one day, and hung out in the computer lab for the first 2 hours getting information to present.  Le gamin au vélo is a film by the Dardenne brothers, a film group typically Belge that make realist film with an indie feel and special care given to storytelling.  I appreciated the film a lot, but Belges have been watching their films a for a long time, so they might not have liked it as much as I did.  The film was filmed in Seraing, and the gamin (little kid, like le petit nicolas is a gamin) actually went to Air Pur.  He is now in third year or something Secondary school.  Les Freres Dardenne compete often at the Cannes film festival, and won with Le Gamin au Vélo.

Marie goes to St Luc, a visual arts school in Liège.  They are known for being the most diverse looking group of kids out and about in Liège.

The overpass there

The square near the school, Blonden.

The bus stop right next to the funny wig fountain between Guillemins and Parc D'Avroy

I got stuck in Boncelles one day cos I missed one bus, then got off at the wrong stop for another etc etc.  I ended up on an overpass that I had never actually been on.

At Boncelles

That zebra-looking building is one of the very first buildings I remember seeing in Belgium!  I remember it from the ride home from the airport!


My host sister with her new practical driver's permit and Mom in the front seat

Natacha with her Capou icecream from Modave.

Not only does Lea eat icecream, she eats chocolate.  This is the proof that she loves chocolate, and she actually ate it all the time, too!

My wonderful Pollains!

My wonderful Pollains and me.

An enormous house near Villers le Temple with a farm and stuff.  A downright private chateau!

Riding the bus with Nat one last time in the morning on the way to school.
I slept all the time on that bus ride

Off the route du Condroz, I passed every day for 7 months, first with the Vanrykels, then with the Pollains.  The countryside is so pretty

Sylvie bought heaps of chocolate easter eggs and I packed some in my lunch that day!  Galler is an official Belgian chocolaterie and it's from Liège

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