23 June 2012

St Patricks day (17 march) and Standard with Cyril

My favourite stand of trees off the Route du Condroz with the sun behind it (from the bus)

A coffee in Namur with Catherine on St Patrick's day.

Like I said about beautiful churches in European towns.  Namur has several.

These two photos are from the same church.

And this is the great big Cathedrale St Auban.  In whose courtyard the festival of the Échasseurs Namurois took place back in September.

Someone should fix it, it looks a bit baroque to me!

Got frites in Namur!  (But they weren't as good as my faves from Liège.)

The skyline from the Citadel in Namur. There we see St Auban.  This was our celebration of St. Patrick's day!
Took the train back into Liège Guillemins, though I think on a whim I stayed on until Palais.

Got back into Liège that evening.  Skaters as usual at Place St Lambert

I wore my green hat that my host uncle gave me for Christmas on St Patrick's day

Republique Français, and the Quick on that corner!  I think I have memories in just about every Quick in Liège.
Billboards for the Tour de France already up in Liège
After, I got picked up by Chelsea Roland's host family, we went back to theirs and had supper.  Then went out to a soirée in Plainevaux, after which I stayed at Chelsea's.

Our friend Nicco on the mic at the soirée "Las Vegas."  He is indeed wearing a tiger suit.

The next day the Pollains picked me back up from Chelsea's, and Cyril and I went to watch Standard!

Cloudy factories.  Towards Jemeppe and Flémalle  This is the same view that I put in the other post about Standard, but it was dark at the time. 

Then the sun came out.

And Standard beat Louvain!

More fireworks in the "fun" section.

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