26 June 2012

Errands to Prepare for Italy (29 March)

So I changed host families the 27th March, and moved in with Martine Maka, and her family, her 2 daughters at the house, and her husband, the girls' step-dad.  I wrote a whole post about it I believe back in March.  I am still living with Martine at the Pairay.

We have 2 weeks of Easter vacation in Belgium, and I signed up in August to go with the Rotary BRESA trip to Italy for 11 of those days!  But I had some errands to run if I was going to go to Italy and be really warm and vacation-y.

My new bus stop at the Place du Pairay.  The neighborhood is called the Pairay, but I still don't know what I means, I think it's a name.  It is a 2 minute walk from my front door, but 50 seconds if I run (cos I'm always late)
The Parc d'avroy getting flowered in!  Leaves and everything!

I had shopping to do, and so I went to MédiaCité, the modern mall in Liège (where Primark is found!)

The ceiling looks something like this all around!  This is the theme anyway, and it is recreated in several different aspects.  I bought 2 pairs of shorts (I had but one pair for Italy) and a t shirt or two, and sunglasses. 

The bus looks like this.  I now take the 27 to and from school, home, and town.

I decided to explore a little bit on bus, and since MédiaCité is on the other side of the river than where we usually go, I got this nice angle on the tent that is the home of the Liège opera until the opera house opens back up next season or so.

The perron in the historic center
I came back to central Liège to get my hair cut!  It was much too long to be wearing to Italy, where I would potentially be sweating and/or swimming!  This is the before picture.

Standard de Liège.  I took the bus here cos I accidentally took the wrong bus on the way home that day, and ended up heading towards Jemmeppe instead of Seraing (going straight instead of turning left to cross the bridge [pont d'ougrée if anyone is interested])  The flowers looked pretty.

Walking to the proper bus stop at Standard to catch back up with the 27 with my new haircut (and the sun in my eyes)!

My new street in Seraing!  (that car is for sale)

The church 100 metres to the right out my front door

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