23 June 2012

Journée d'aventure Wavre (25 mars)

And so Rotex organised another event for us, an Adventure Day, where were to swing from trees and climb about!  Noone really knew what to expect, but it sounded fun anyway.  We had to get up very early to take a bus, then a train, then wait in a station for an hour, then another train, then finally one last  train, then walk a good 20 minutes uphill.  I was not excited at all.  Until I saw it.  You will see.

Early morning back yard.

Oh, this is me waiting in the gare at Guillemins with my host dad, cos actually, he drove me there, but it was at the same time as he dropped off Natacha at work, so we were there an hour early I think.  Nat started work at 7:30.

Met up with some exchange kids in the train, the Liège and Verviers kids, and we took the train to Leuven, where we had time to get out and look around a tad.

A nice statue and tower in Leuven.  Leuven is a Dutch name, but I think it's in Wallonia.  Though one can see how the buildings have the tiered roofs in the Dutch style.

This looks like a government building to me!  With construction in front of it in any case.

My pal Tedde, and some other people with me hidden behind their cameras.  Lydia and Morgan.

That looks like a postcard-style building.  As in the one building in the town that you would draw an outline of and put on a postcard to remember that specific building.  Brussels' one is the old parliament house in Grand Place, and Liège's is the Perron.  This was still only about 8:30 in the morning.  That's so earlyyyyy.

Walking on a railroad crossing (this one was legal!) on the way up the hill to the park.

And then we saw it.

Yay exchange kids! From all over the world!

Some loud Americans

Some cute Brazilians 

We were harnessed to the iron wire that went though the whole course, sometimes require us to zip-line across to the next obstacle, but otherwise, being generally in the way.

A lovely South African

A falling Canadian.

Oh man.


And now, every time I go through Flémalle grande, I take a picture.  That on the left is the church we never got to see the inside of.

And that's the mainstreet of Flémalle grande.  From the train.  I caught it at 70kph!

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