23 June 2012

President of Rotary (22 Mars) Cent Jours (24 mars)

Countdown to the Tour de France at Guilly. 99 days!
All the Rotary in Belgium was invited to Verviers, a city a bit south of Liège to host the President of Rotary International, Mr. Kalyan Banerjee of India.  All the exchange students were invited to be presented (and to show off how well Rotary Belgium does youth exchange :) )  We gathered and made a tunnel of students with Rotary Umbrellas and clapping for him to enter with his wife, and then gathered in a cinema room and sang Imagine by John Lennon all together!  It was way cool to see him!  We got to hear a little bit of his speech too.  He was touring the world, and stopped through Belgium, though Verviers is a bit of a strange choice.  They did have large cinema rooms though!
With my friend Sravya!  The exchange student from India in Belgium this year.  I met her in Amsterdam, and she came on Italy too.  She lives in Flanders, and therefore speaks Dutch, but also very very good English, and 2 or more languages of India.  She was invited to be the special welcome committee for the president and his wife, placing a lei of Indian flowers around their necks, and touching the floor before them as they got out of the car, and saying "Nama ste," as is a traditional respectful greeting in traditional India.  I was so fascinated!  She was also the only student allowed to wear something other than the Rotary blazers: her sari!

After the event, we met up at Guilly for everyone to catch his or her train home.

Klaudia and I took the same bus in the morning since we lived so close to each other in Nandrin on the way to a school party (Belges sure do have a lot of school festivals)

Started walking up this road, cos we figured it would be faster than waiting for the bus (though it turned out it wasn't. ) A friend from school who was driving by with her dad picked us up halfway.

The school celebrated the day of 100 days before exams!  So instead of going to class, all the rhétos (rhetoriciens, "seniors") went to a little parc called le mare aux joncs and had a barbecue.  This is my little fire that I took care of all day.

This is the fire next to me that was really good!  Until they had to start cooking sausages on it :P

My fire turned out just right for it!

 Drunken Belges ensued.  Normale.

Getting on the bus to continue the party in town!

The tower right next to Air Pur.

Looking with interest down the street where I would be moving for my 3rd host family!

Cathedrale St Jean

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