22 June 2012

Luxembourg 10 March

Right nestled in Between the southern tip of Belgium, Germany, and France, is a tiny country called Luxembourg!  It consists mostly of it's capital city, and that's it.  The area is very rich because of high taxes, but few people actually live within the borders.  Many people commute into the country every day to work to avoid the living taxes.  They have their own language, Luxembourgeois (in French, I don't know how to say that in English) but most of them speak French or German, and more likely, 2 or all three languages.  The city has the old and the new sections (which seems to be somewhat common in some European cities where they want to conserve the culture and look of the old city and have a new modern bit that keeps up with the changing times).
So with the Rotary district 1630, we drove in a bus through the Ardennes, about 2 hours from Liège to Luxembourg!  We saw mostly just the old Luxembourg.

As with any good Rotary outing, we started with a brewery tour: the Luxembourgois beer, Bofferding

The bottling plant is always the most interesting thing to see!
It was not running though

We got to watch a nice video on what happens to the beer when it goes into each of these great holding tanks!  the fermenting and that

HOPS  houblon

The water used in Bofferding beer is from a deep deep pure well beneath the plant.  They drilled very very deep and it is naturally pure and cool.  They let us try cups full!

And as with any good Rotary outing, it included a free beer tasting!

A great huge building in Luxembourg

Old Luxembourg

An enourmous tree that I was going to go hug until I realised the dirt was too well groomed to mess up by stepping on it.

The Palace in Luxembourg.  With castle guards that march before it all day long!

A fun way to have hot chocolate, you buy the hunk of flavoured chocolate on a stick, and then the hot milk, and you melt the chocolate in the milk, and use the stick to stir!

I'm always so amazed that every town in Europe has a magnificent cathedral in it

Some woods in Luxembourg city

Looking down from the old Luxembourg

View from the Citadel-fort

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