23 June 2012

Sunny Days in Mid March

I bought these boxers at the Batte.  They say "Je t'emmerde."  I'll not explain that.
Charlotte and I have a joke about it though.  Thanks to Choé for helping hold them up.

A secret square in Liège that I had never seen before! (It's not secret really, but it's not on any of my main routes)

Trees starting to blossom in the secret square.

A church near the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical garden

When there is sun, we go out and profite!  Chelsea, Katie, Connor.

Playing in ShoRTS for the first time since winter. It was probably only about 16 degrees at the time, but it felt great.

Host bro, Cyril, and host dog, Lea.  He's a sportive type

Lea liked playing ball with us as well

This particular ball I think was already popped anyway

Cyril showing me how to drive the neighbor's lawn mower

Natacha choosing some cooking music for us

Always taking pictures of the sunny days, cos they seemed so uncommon!

Klaudia and I went to fetch a baguette

and then met up with friends in the Botanical Garden (Bota)

The baguette

Some fool jumped into the pond!  It was freezing!

Parc D'avroy at sunset (18:50)

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