20 March 2017

4/10 Venice

I took a lot of pictures in Venice!!
A really cool day. It was chilly and sunny and windy and something about flooding?
but I spent the day mostly with Catherine (S.A.), Alex (PEI), and Connor (CO)
We basically were free to roam around this day I don't really remember learning that much but I was just thinking about The Thief Lord the whole time.

early morning leave the hotel

alex, connor


I had a spoon

Tasha, Maranda, and I love her so much


I was really into my aviators this trip

bridge of sighs

San Marco's Square

I'm not even sure if this is inside St Marks or not. I think it was under construction though

Vicki serving

My girl Klaudia! at Rialto

I took this picture. I should filter it or something.

something about Romeo and Juliette

opera of venice

I also took this picture

long day sitting in a square somewhere


we got well off the beaten path at one point not sure where this is.
watch it be a major tourist attraction, I'm not sure.

little photo shoot

We think this was a convent?

Crew for the day <3
Me, Alex, Klaudia, Catherine, Connor 
from atop Rialto

At our final dinner of the trip. we all got together and ate with 30 or us or whatever at some nice Venetian restaurant. we were exhausted.  and I remember there being some drama about some that found alcohol too early in the day and were not faring well at this point...
But we bussed home that night.
The best trip!

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