20 March 2017

Dublin 4/13-17

I'm packing a lot in at once! ho boy, so after a few days at home, spring break almost over, I went to Dublin with a group of dear friends i met from exchange.
Pretty sure I just skipped those days of school.  But it was the most beautiful trip!
To consolidate, here are ALL of my photos for the whole trip in one post...
We woke up super early. like you do. Are Lingus.  To arrive at Brussels airport in time for a morning flight I don't know what time I'd have had to leave Liege. Honestly too too early.

shuttle Bus in dublin.  Amaya getting excited!

and me sleeping.

Amaya, Federico, Caroline, Laura

First Glimpse of Dublin, this is the bridge that's supposed to look like a lyre

Find the first park you can and jump up in the air

100% Irish

This is the mall we found

Settling into our Hostel, the kitchen. preparing to go out

Find the first bar you can and drink a Guinness.  It really was good there

Live music in the temple bar

There's a video somewhere of us dancing.   Monica I want to say?

Again, early morning gare. like we do.

I remember feeling actually pretty miserable this trip.  Always tired and always sick.
But it was at least sunny and beautiful.  tbt Battleship the movie.

taking the train out to Howth, a city just north on the cape
in the wild!
this may be out of order lol Caro

Howth we had been advised was more rural and less touristy


and a sudden hailstorm

made it back into town

I guess this is the hostel?

and I guess we went out this night.  I don't recall it being successful.
This I think was in the big park in Dublin... Phoenix Park?

I think this was in Howth again.

this completely staged falling over at the temple bar photograph

Christ Church Cathedral! just from the outside 
Dublin Castle green

unsure.  I think we met up with a friend of Carolines who was at Trinity or something.

This'll be an Irish Coffee right before going into pheonix park.  We walked to all of these locations.

pretty light pretty Laura

trying to recreate this pose everywhere

okay, we took a bus once or twice 

Christ Church again.

The next day I know we found a tour bus through our hostel that would take us out to the countryside and see some pretty old Irish hills.  So it was us 5 and I want to say 2 older couples from who knows where.  We didn't really talk to them.
That's dublin from above! and far away.
The first lake we saw! through a car window lol

Yes Amaya

they would stop the bus, let us get out every half hour or so and tell us about what we were seeing.

this is Lake Guinness.  From where traditionally they get the water for.  the beer.

We got to the destination town and they let us walk around for a while i think. we went out and took pictures anyway

Back when I took this photo I marked this location as Glendalough.  That's all I know.

Our official group photo for the trip awwwww

Federico (mexico), Laura (Venezuela), Amaya (Idaho), Caroline (New Brunswick)

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