21 March 2017

4/27-29 Wegimont

The next weekend, I had been invited to be a representative "model inbound exchange student" (lol. I mean I was, but still...)  
at Belgium's RYE outbound camp!  So all the Belgian students preparing to leave in the next year for their exchanges across the world gathered together at this old chateau.
Driving out into the countryside!

Amaya heading through the gate with overnight bag

Out front!  I was trying to look... grumpy.
 It felt very much like a little corporate retreat location, with meeting rooms and dorms, and nice grounds for walking around and whatnot.  About 15 inbound exchangers were there: a few from each country that outbound Belgians would be flying off to.  And maybe 60 outbound Belgian students were there.
the moat.  a tower from the side. 
The grounds from our dorm

The inbounds.  Representing Mexico, Canada, US, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil

But the retreat consisted of RYE info meetings, presentations on the different countries, and some social events meant to allow outbound kids to spend time with the foreigners and ask questions about their countries.

Chelea and I wearing our brand new RYE Belgium 2012 sweatshirts.  Organized by the exchangers. Not a representation of Rotary International. 
And chelsea leading the presentation on the US.  Given in French. DeBoyer at the helm of the Powerpoint.
In typical Blege fashion there was a bar easily set up onsite for the first day.  We went on a walk at one point with all the Belgians. and generally had a great time.
I should post a pic of our sweatshirts, they are pretty cool.

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