19 March 2017

4/9 Murano/Burano

Where did we leave off....?
April 7/8 of 2012...
we left Pompeii and pisa and Sienna,
and drove north and east to Murano, and Burano, 2 islands in the Venice lagoon.
You can see Venice from there, but for some reason the only thing we did those days were these islands?
I'm trying to remember details.
here are the pics
leaving the hotel early in the morning

packing into the bus

Josie, Throsby, Francis, can't remember :(( , Dan, Me, Catherine, and Vicki

These cities are famous for their colorfully painted buildings

right on the fishing shore

and then we had a formal dinner all together
I don't remember where or the occasion.

but it was very pleasant

and that night we snuck onto the beach and ran around and it was fun!

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