20 March 2017

4/24-26 Semaine de theatre et Palais des Princes evecques

Theatre Week!  and the Palais des Princes evecques.  (the palace of the bishop princes of Liege, is central government building downtown)
Back at the good old Athenee, it was theatre week, so we read a play or two and went out to the theatre one night! we watched a play in French.  I don't remember if I understood every word.  But I think at this point I was proud of myself for my progress and I can only assume I was word perfect.  Especially compared to the play I saw at the beginning of the year.  (it's also likely I slept through it)
We all took a bus together. God Bless la TEC.  The girl in the bottom center right's name is Louise.  She once told me a joke she was trying to be impressive by showing off her English.  It was something like "Go f-- a duck"  I think the joke was that it rhymed... hahahaha

au theatre! deep in Seraing.

and then oh yeah, I moved right after coming home from Dublin.  That was sad.  Or maybe I moved right before, I think so.  But this is what my street looked like.  In April. In Seraing.

Seraing Again.

At Place de Cathedral they changed the gardens to match the season and It was always so cool.  Spring!

So this was an official Rotary Event.  All the kids in their Jackets and representing their nations and whatnot.  Visiting the Palais des Princes evecques.

Confusion. But we loved it.  Truly right downtown.  or rather, at  Place St Lambert

Killer cloisters.  Gustavooooo. went to Athenee royale with Klaudia and Chelsea and me.  Rarely.  He may have transferred to Liege 1 by then.

It was a parking lot at the time.


I mean this was pretty cool, it was clearly old, important government  architecture.  This is where the province council met.

Sweet chops.

Canadians wear red.

Porteur au Sac

This must be where we gave our official banners to the official officers there!

Probably some very important people. Wish I had written this down sooner. I do see Bernard DeBoyer there second from right.
And here at the end, a different afternoon where some friends and I hung out downtown on the island with the Art Museum called Outremeuse.  and near Mediacite across the river.
found a playground

an ad for the Voice Belgium at MediaCité.
Klaudia, Chelsea (PA), Chelsea(SC), and Myself

The Art Museum

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