24 March 2017

5/5 Serres of Laeken

The next day, RYE took us down to Brussels to the Atomium, and to see the Royal greenhouses of Laeken.  Very nice.

Vicki and I love each other.

Amaya, Caroline Inside Atomium

Amaya, Federico, Jillian from atop atomium.

I mean, ignoring me, the view of Brussels from atop the atomium.

The escalators between the balls at Atomium!

A speculoos waffle on a stick! there are little fairgrounds right nearby.

Beer. Salad.  gsm.

Jasmyn (CA)

This is at a roundabout near the serres.  so pretty.
some planate inside the serres.

I simply do not remember where this is.
a bunch of white exchangers in front of that church
I think this must be back in Liege? same day.
Finally got home.  By 5th may, the sun doesn't go down till, 7:00
A bunch of white exchangers in front of that church. 
Look how pretty this is!! (this was at the serres)

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