23 March 2017

5/4 Londres

I'm looking through the albums I have left and it just seems like I travelled somewhere new just about every day.  No wonder this felt like it went by so fast.  but I wouldn't have been able to do it if I hadn't been comfortable finally in the language and the community and the exchange system.
My senior English class took a trip to London for a day to sightsee. and be around Anglophones.  Everyone had to talk to me in English that day.
Sunrise at Guillemins station.  Alexei, Aurelian

I think we took the train from Liege to Brussels and then onto the eurostar? through lille to London.  Yeah because that's Tintin in the background.

Idk where. Brussels I think.

Eurostar I think.

The olympics would be that summer in London! So this is St Pancras inside.

We will rock you

I love this movie. but this is the show that was at this theatre that day

Aurelian and Nicholas

This was one of the professors

The countdown do the olympics in trafalgar square

Some cops at downing?

I suppose this might be buckingham.  ps I just watched The Crown on Netflix, it was quite good.

In the Lego Store!

This was a really cool spot I had never seen or heard of but then I think it's in a movie or several.  But a cool little arcade. 
And a race through the british museum.  Rosetta stone. 





 and I worked up the courage to take a picture with my prof.  but it's embarrassing. because I'm talking.

And some guys decided to take pics with the abercrombie models.  I think I'm on the left, and then the center guy is belle and the ginger guy is nicholas. but lol we're stupid.

And I think we all slept on the train back.

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